How to Try ABAL

Thank you for demoing ABAL, a supplementary software for ABA eye contact exercises. This software is still in pre-alpha, and does not reflect the quality of the final product. This is only a proof of concept demonstration. A webcam is required for this demo.

To try our demo, sit up with your face clearly visible to the webcam. Make sure no one else is in clear view of the camera. Click on the ‘Calibrate’ button in the upper right hand corner. A red dot will appear on your screen where our program believes your eyes are focused. Focus on your cursor and slowly move it around the screen, clicking every few seconds to make sure that our program is properly calibrated to your computer setup. Once calibrated, the red dot should roughly reflect where you are looking. Click on the "USE" button in the upper right hand corner to start the demo.

Focus your eyes on the eyes on the woman on the screen. If you can successfully maintain eye contact for several seconds, a success message should appear. If you avert your eyes, the program will attempt to grab your attention with a vocalization until eye contact is successful.